Dollarkoers bank tips

Danske Bank uit Kopenhagen en de Duitse Commerzbank geven hun visie op de Facebook IPO dag

Dollarkoers bank tips

Zojuist kwam er uit Barcelona een aanbeveling met de titel: Today's strategy for EUR/USD. De beursintroductie van Facebook nadert snel. Wat zal de invloed zijn op het beurssentiment ?

The three banks coincide again on how they recommend to trade the pair. The Copenhagen based bank, Danske Bank, says in its daily technical report to “short at 1.2700 for a 1.2522 objective. Stop 1.2762”, while Commerzbank suggests to keep “shorts from 1.3035 covered 1.2685. Reinstate on rallies to 1.2760, 1.2810, stops 1.2915”. UBS’ Chris Walker, believes the cross will be at 1.25 in the next 3 months and at 1.15 in the next twelve months.

The German PPI came out short of expectations by printing a YoY change of 2.4% instead of the 2.6% that forecasts pointed to. The MoM change also came short of expectations, reaching 0.2% instead of 0.3%. Both figures display a slowdown on the rate of inflation as the previous readings were at 3.3% (YoY) and 0.6% (MoM).

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